ASF Repair- Repair corrupted, inaccessible ASF video file

Is your asf videos damaged? Want to know how to open asf file?

Want to restore the corrupted ASF videos after virus infection?

How to open asf file in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Windows Media Video is a compressed format for different codec formats produced by Microsoft, the original video file format is well-known as WMV. In almost all the situations WMV files are encapsulated in ASF container format. This video file runs efficiently in all media players like VLC, Windows Media Player etc. This video file format is also supported by different video cameras, but there is a chance that the video file is damaged or deleted in order to avoid such problems you require using .asf recovery tool.

Many times while users complain they are not able to open asf files, and search how to open asf files. This type of problem is seen when you try to insert an ASF file which is having only audio track in power point presentation then it does not appear in Insert Sound dialog and you will incapable to select the video file. Similarly, in case the asf files are damaged then you will not able to open the videos in any of the media players whether it is VLC or Windows Media Player.


Major Reasons Behind Unable to Open ASF Files

  • Since power point makes use of Media Control Interface technology in order to play different media types therefore it will able to open only one instance of multiple format file type of ASF.
  • This type of problem is experienced by users when the storage media are corrupted.
  • In case there is corruption within the file system then you will not able to open the video files.
  • If the ASF files are infected by virus application then you will unable to open the ASF videos.

How to open ASF file?

In order to open the ASF file in PowerPoint you need to open the presentation which you want to use with sound file. In Insert tab you need to click Sound and then click Sound from File. You need to select he location which contains the .asf sound file. In the file type list you require to choose All File (“.”). Then you need to click the .asf file which you are willing to open by clicking on “Open”.

In case you are unable to open a video file because it is damaged, infected by virus or storage media corruption issues then you require using third party ASF repair tool. This application makes use of extremely advanced algorithms to complete the scanning process and repair the damaged ASF files within minutes.