ASF Repair- Repair corrupted, inaccessible ASF video file

Is your ASF files damaged?

Are you searching software for asf file repair?

ASF is one of the common video and audio file container made by Microsoft for keeping data like video, audio etc. ASF file contain WMV and WMA files and these files can be played on Windows Media Player on Windows operating system. ASF videos are supported by different video cameras, but several times the video or images get damaged in such circumstances it is necessary to perform asf repair.

Similar to other media files WMV files can be damaged or broken, in such circumstances it becomes necessary to use repair software in order to restore the damaged data safely.


There are different reasons behind corruption of ASF files some of them are mentioned below:

  • In case system is infected by malicious application like virus then this type of problem is experienced by computer users.
  • Due to mistyped file name ASF files becomes inaccessible.
  • If the folder where video file is placed is infected then you may experience corruption is ASF file.
  • In case the storage media is corrupted then ASF files becomes inaccessible.
  • File system corruption is another reason for damage in files.

In case your ASF files are inaccessible, it implies the case of corruption and you need to repair ASF file to make it accessible once again. Use the software for this purpose. This application makes use of extremely advanced algorithms in order to complete the scanning process and recover all the damaged files safely. Use this reliable and professional software for asf file repair. You get free download option, free download software and use it to see how efficient it this, By using this application you will be able to generate preview of all the damaged files and within few minutes scanned results will be displayed. To complete the recovery of the damaged files you need to click on “Select All” button.

User Guide

Step 1: Launch the application

Step 2: Choose the media for the recovery. You may search for the photo, video and audio files.Then start the scanning process.

Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, it shows a preview of the recovered files

Step 4: It helps you to choose the particular region of the selected media

Step 5: Choose the particular file type

Step 6: You may make the image sector by sector of the selected media

Step 7: Choose a range.

Step 8: Resume the recovery from a last saved scan

Step 9: Then you can save your recovered files at the specified location